Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Book of the Arab

The Book of the Arab was originally first published in 1979 by Starry Wisdom Press. This book is a final report representing years of painstaking research to find evidence supporting the existence of the legendary Necronomicon.

The Necronomicon first came to the attention of the American public through the writings H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft makes his readers aware of this notorious book in The Hound in 1922. However, it was in The Nameless City that Lovecraft mentions the Necronomicon's mysterious author Abdul Alhazred the "Mad Arab." Lovecraft revealed little about the life and times Alhazred. This book picks up on Lovecraft's reference to Alhazred and makes the perilous journey to substantiate the validity of the Necronomicon.

The Book of the Arab is a veritable history of the Necronomicon. It's appropriate to emphasize the incredible risk that was taken to present the facts stated in this book. Underground cults bent on maintaining the secret of the Necronomicon worked vigorously to suppress its publication. In the same year that Starry Wisdom Press announced the release of The Book of the Arab, it quickly disappeared from their collection.

The Book of the Arab is available once again for occult practitioners and the curious. This book traces the printing history of the Necronomicon in line with the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. It skillfully summarizes the circulation of the Necronomicon throughout the ages. The book begins its study of the Necronomicon by examining the life of Abdul Alhazred in 730 A.D. and follows its hidden path right into the present day.

The Necronomicon found its way into the hands of many infamous magickians and mystics through several centuries, including Johannes Trithemius, Dr. John Dee, and Aleister Crowley. The Book of the Arab presents a fascinating account of these and other occult luminaries, and their experience with the Necronomicon.

Serious occult practitioners have been waiting patiently for the publication of The Book of the Arab. At last, this impossible book has been unveiled to the public. Be warned that the Necronomcon is not a common grimoire or magickian's spell book. The Necronomicon is a book of pure evil. Those who have touched the infernal book have suffered immensely. It is not advised that the Necronomicon be pursued. The author assumes no responsibility for the safety of its readers.

The Book of the Arab is sold through many online book retailers including It is also available in eBook form through Kindle, Nook, and iPad.

Justin Geoffry is an occult researcher and writer. He is a graduate of Miskatonic University
with a PhD in literature. He is an expert in the area of sacred texts and has transcribed several ancient manuscripts housed in the British Museum. His research has identified the authorship of several medieval grimoires. Justin Geoffry rarely makes public appearances or interviews. He enjoys his privacy due to the controversial nature of his work.

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