Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spiritual Questions Answered - Review Of The Spirits Book

Very few books have caused me to really think logically about spirituality, but The Spirits Book by Allan Kardec was one of them. Although it's not a very thick book, it has quite a bit of information about the spiritual realm. The book is presented in a "question-answer" format, so it delivers on directly addressing the readers concerns.

It's very important that the reader doesn't confuse spirituality with Spiritism. This book is not promoting Spiritism, which is the worship of various spirits. What it does speak on is the proper understanding of the spiritual existence; especially the idea of God. The book doesn't shy away from controversial questions such as: How do we prove that there is a god? Allan Kardec attempts to address these answers head-on.

There is some controversy, however, on the origins of the books contents. It is presented in a channeled or automatic writing format, which has been under scrutiny. There are libraries of books that claim automatic writing, many of which I will address in the near future. The Spirits Book was, in my personal opinion, one of the better ones. It does have its moments where it becomes uninteresting, but the vast majority of the book managed to hold my interest. The book also repeats some questions, but the answers are so interesting that one is willing to overlook this little flaw.

When I was receiving my spiritual instruction, this was one of the first books I decided to read. I had so many questions, which most people can relate to, so having a book that addresses these questions was a big help. If you are serious about receiving spiritual answers, this book is a must-read. It shouldn't be considered a religious book, because it doesn't promote any doctrine, but it does assist in pointing the reader in the right direction to continue their studies. After I read this book, I went on to read others books that added to my spiritual growth. There are many books out there, but many of them are a waste of time when it comes to spiritual study. It is very important that you read books that will add layers of understanding to your spiritual foundation. I do understand that many people may not like this book, but those who are serious about stepping out of religion, and into the realm of spirituality, this book will definitely help. This book should be on you reading list if you are searching for spiritual answers.

I am the author of "The Devil in the Flesh-The true origins of the adversary". I am also the founder of The Geary Davis Project, an organization that seeks to clear up spiritual confusion through literary resources. It is my goal to promote truth by destroying the lies of organized religion, and teaching the ways of true spirituality. My website is:

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