Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Amazing Spiritual Book: Review Of The OAHSPE

Being an avid reader of all things spiritual, I sometimes find myself discovering some very unusual literature. I try not discriminate against any good spiritual book that comes my way, and as a result, I've learned quite a bit about the existence of the immaterial world. One of the most fascinating books I've ever read was called OAHSPE by John Newbrough.

I must warn any potential readers of this book about one thing: This book is not an easy read! The OAHSPE claims to be the result of automatic writing. For anyone who isn't familiar with this concept; automatic writing is anything written by someone who claims to be under the influence of a spiritual entity. That topic will be addressed in another article.

In the OAHSPE, God is not the highest being in existence; this title goes to a being referred to as Jehovih. This is not to be mistaken to be Jehovah, or that mistranslation of YHVH that we see in today's King James Bible. Jehovih is an omnipotent being who has given the powers of creation to his angelic ambassadors. The angels are said to be responsible for not only creating heaven, but the multiple levels of hell as well. The title of God is given to the highest celestial being, and is handed down to different angels over time. In the OAHSPE, the angels have all of the creative powers. The followers of Jehovih are not called Christians, Muslims, and Jews etc. they are referred to as the faithists. Jesus isn't called the son of God, but a messenger of Jehovih. The being that we know as Jesus has another name in the OAHSPE, and this being is the final celestial being to hold the title of God.

The OAHSPE also describes how the earth has cycles, and the final earth cycle is called the Kosmon era. In fact, the OAHSPE is also known as the Kosmon Bible. According to the OAHSPE, the earth offers up a spiritual harvest at the end of each cycle. The spirits of the righteous are collected by ships called archangel. The angelic pilot of the ship is called an archangel. The archangels gather the spirits of the righteous, and place them on one of the planets of the ethereal realm. These are the planets that collectively make up the kingdom of Jehovih. According to OAHSPE, the purpose of the earth is to offer up spirits to occupy the ethereal and atmospheric realms.

This may be a lot to take in for most people, but once you get into the OAHSPE it's very difficult to stop reading. It is practically impossible for me to talk about everything the OAHSPE mentions, but I did my best to highlight the largest points. As a Christian, I actually found the OAHSPE very informative. If you have an open mind, the OAHSPE will give answers to many questions that most people may have about spiritual matters. You may question the OAHSPE origins, but you cannot question the amount of information the book offers. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about their spiritual walk, although it may be difficult to swallow for those who hold fast to religious dogma.

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