Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cruel Harvest: Harsh Life for a Migrant Family

Little Frances was so exhausted from apple-picking she dozed in the trashy camp where her family barely survived. The apple harvesting was over at the orchard and Frances and her family had to move on. They heard the distant whistle of the black locomotive famously called the Virginia Creeper. It had acquired that name because of how it crept up mountains, chugging like crazy to reach the top. When it was at its slowest-that's when the family raced to jump a freight car for a free ride to their next migrant farm destination.

It was a brutally hard-scrabble life made even more unbearable by an alcoholic father who ruled the family with a fist of steel. He had perfected a number of ways to abuse both wife and children and he seemed to gain a significant twisted happiness in inflicting pain of whatever sort.

Next stop, Stilwell, Oklahoma, where they survived in a small shack with no running water and very little furniture. There was one pump where all migrant families got their water and there was one outbuilding which was only an enclosed toilet hole, dug by the farmer. Cardboard was laid down over the open bed springs. The only bright spot that night was when the daddy went out to get drunk and Mama told the kids the story about the princess and the frog.

This new release, Cruel Harvest, has received a number of positive reviews, but the ones the author, Fran Grubb, enjoys the most are candid reviews by readers. For example, here is a reader's review: "Today I am reviewing an exceptional novel by Fran Grubb which was provided to me free of any charges by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion which I freely give.

This is the true story of a young girl who endures the most horrific ordeals through the hands of her father. Suspicious deaths and violent events will take its toll for the young girl but her faith will see her through all events in her life.

I liked this book as it was a page turner, leaving the reader cheering at some points but definitely awaiting the justice due the young girl. I found nothing about this book that I did not like and am grateful to have received it. To sum it up this is a gripping read, maybe not geared for young readers, but a definite must for all adults."

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